distress wood shelves to look more expensive

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The Trick for Boring Shelves That Doubles as a Stress-Relief Exercise
Stores like Restoration Hardware sell reclaimed wood shelves for upwards of $250, but you can achieve the same rustic look for a fraction of the cost by distressing shelves you already own. First, sand them down if they're stained or varnished. Then add texture by making dents, dings and scratches with the help of screws and a hammer (or any hard object you have on hand). Young House Love blogger John Petersik's trick is to hit the entire slab with a bag of screws, and then hammer one or two spots, as opposed to evenly spaced out impressions, so that it looks like things bumped into it over the years. Give the wood a good coating or two of medium wood stain and you'll have catalogue-worthy shelves in no time.