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Photo: ChiChi UbiƱa/Flea Market Fabulous

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The Funky Old Chair That's Survived 3 Moves and a Very Hungry Terrier
That chair may look ragged, but as long as it's still sturdy—and you love its overall shape—it's worth reupholstering. Spencer used just 2 yards of fabric to revive this seat, and suggests looking for 'remnant fabric'—leftover pieces—at stores to score a better deal. This project is a great opportunity to add pattern to liven up a neutral living room: Try toile, like Spencer did, for a traditional look, or an oversize nature print, like fern leaves, if you're more contemporary. Fair warning: The seat of a dining room chair can be an easy DIY, but for more complex projects, like this settee, with its curved arms, you may want to call in a pro.

But Go Ahead and Toss: Any worn piece that doesn't have at least two of the following: solid construction, an iconic shape and great details (like the claw feet on Spencer's settee).

Lara Spencer is a co-host of Good Morning America, host of Flea Market Flip (HGTV and Great American Country) and author of I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Market Fabulous.