Media console

Photo: ChiChi UbiƱa/Flea Market Fabulous

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The Generic, Old Media Console
A discount media console can immediately look high-end with just three steps: Add thin wood molding to each cabinet door, paint it a glossy neutral (white brightens the room) and trade out the existing hardware for oversize door knockers, like Spencer's team did for one couple. The attention-getting pulls are more substantial, she writes, creating a statement piece that's more Jonathan Adler than cousin-Jonathan's-hand-me-down (No media console? An old dresser works just as well; simply drill holes in the back to allow the cables to slide through.)

But Go Ahead and Toss: An entertainment center that doesn't fit your needs (it's too low, it doesn't have enough storage space, it reminds you of your cheating ex—no matter how many times you repaint it). Just because it could be stunning doesn't mean you need it in your life.