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Photo: Nancy Purvis - OwensOlivia.blogspot.com

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If You Have 1 Day...
Try some $5 Magic Marker magic. When Nancy, of the quilting and home decor blog Owen's Olivia, found that the perfect fabric to use as wallpaper for a child's room was no longer being manufactured, she decided to make it herself—by projecting the image of the wallpaper from her laptop onto her wall and then tracing it with a Sharpie. (If you don't have a projector, here's how to make one out of a cardboard box.) A few pointers: (1) Choose whimsical prints, like Nancy's, which are more forgiving to human errors than striped or intricate patterns; (2) To keep from having to match up the lines at all four corners, limit yourself to only one wall, as an accent; (3) Avoid shaky-hand syndrome by spacing this project out throughout the day.