diy palm fronds

Photo: Lauren Saylor

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Your Last-Minute Get-Together Decor Kit
The next time you have friends or neighbors dropping by for dinner, effortlessly set the festive mood with a delicate wall garland. Gather some rope, faux palm leaves, gold spray paint and washi tape for this supersimple project. If you can't find palm leaves at your local craft store, any artificial tropical foliage stems will work, says Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete blogger. Spray paint both sides of each leaf and let dry for approximately 12 hours. Get started first thing in the morning and you'll have time to clean, grab wine and make easy hors d'oeuvre while the paint sets. Once the leaves are dry, poke the stems into the twine (which should be tight enough to hold them). Stream the flower garland across a mantle, on the door or over a kitchen table using washi tape, thumb tacks or removable hooks.