The Room You'd Never Want to Leave
With a bed, a couch, a spot for enjoying Sunday breakfasts and floor-to-ceiling windows that open to an expansive meadow view just a few miles from Yellowstone, it's hard to see how you could want to go anywhere else.
The Fly-In, Fly-Out Getaway
This remote bed and breakfast sits on a 40-acre property that includes an inn with antique-themed rooms, a pond with a gazebo, a barn that houses an indoor event space and even a spot to land a helicopter.
The Home on the Range
These log-cabin walls, oversize armchairs and stunning mountain views of Montana's Gallatin Valley make us want to pack our bags and head for greener pastures.
The Natural Beauty
For anyone stuck in a cookie-cutter apartment dreaming of a vacation home, these nature-inspired steps made of logs and branches are a Pinterest junkie's dream.
The Rainy-Day Haven
On wet days, who wouldn't want to bundle up in a soft throw and sit next to this towering slate fireplace?
The Reader's Paradise
The secluded den of this three-story, 7,500-square-foot ranch house is such a perfect place to curl up with a book that you may finally have an excuse to get through all 1,440 pages of War and Peace.