You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know by Heather Sellers

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You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know
368 pages; Riverhead
Trouble remembering names? Heather Sellers has a more confusing problem. In her memoir, You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know, Sellers reveals that she suffers from face blindness, a rare condition called prosopagnosia. She doesn't know if she's looking at Brad Pitt or Winston Churchill in a photo, can't identify her students outside the classroom; she has even hugged a stranger in lieu of her boyfriend. Weird? For sure. Odder still, she lived with neither diagnosis nor cure until midlife, questioning her sanity, thanks in part to a bizarre childhood with an undiagnosed schizophrenic mother who liked to nail the windows shut. Although she can't recognize others, in this book she has managed to find herself.
— Sara Nelson