Running Well by Sam Murphy

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Running Well
184 pages; Human Kinetics
Sam Murphy is a leading fitness expert in the UK and a training consultant for the London Marathon, Nike, and Adidas. Sarah Connors is a physical therapist who specializes in running injuries.
The Appeal
A runner at any level—from a walker who wants to speed things up to a seasoned marathoner—can find solid advice on subjects from running stance to stretching to choosing the right socks.
Standout Section
In Chapter 10, "Injury Time," the authors give detailed descriptions of common trouble spots for runners; symptom maps help you figure out the reason you feel pain and how to rehabilitate that area.
Eye Opener
The high sugar content in sports drinks can cause side cramps—make sure yours has only 6 to 8 percent carbohydrate content.
The authors are British, and sometimes the weights and distances are metric. Keep your conversion chart handy.
Fitness Plan
While primarily about running technique, the book does include core strength workouts and cross-training plans.
— Polly Brewster