Photo by Sammy Davis Jr. by Burt Boyar

Photo by Sammy Davis Jr.
338 pages; Regan
What could he possibly do for an encore? Sammy Davis Jr., who died in 1990, was such an exuberant megatalent—actor, dancer, singer—it's dizzying to learn he was an avid photographer, too. Photo by Sammy Davis Jr. (Regan), a great big kiss of a book compiled by Davis's longtime friend and biographer, Burt Boyar, tells of the gregarious Hollywood legend's passion for state-of-the-art cameras, which he took with him everywhere, from penthouses to city streets. Among this book's glittering prizes, a rare portrait of Frank Sinatra and his wife Mia Farrow (above) and shots of idols, pals, and peers, from Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to Louis Armstrong and Robert Kennedy. Savor the starlight.