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The Edge of Normal
320 pages; Minotaur Books
At age 12, Reeve LeClaire (formerly Regina) was captured and held prisoner by a sadistic Seattle loner for four years, escaping only when he tried to move her from one location to the next. Now reunited with her family and working with a perceptive psychiatrist named Dr. Ezra Lerner, she is trying to put her past behind her, including how she once responded to media attention (by "whacking down cameras"). All is on the upswing until Dr. Lerner is called in to help another girl named Tilly, a 13-year-old who just broke free from a small-town basement turned dungeon, with her abductor still at large. Reeve accompanies Dr. Lerner, in order to aid Tilly, but ends up working the case herself, bringing an intuitive knowledge of the assailant's methods that may help find him or...or may just turn Reeve into his next victim. Norton, who has spent years researching abduction cases and whose nonfiction is required reading for the FBI, brings an authoritative eye to this fast-paced thriller. But it's damaged, insecure Reeve and her struggle to reclaim her identity that binds you to this book. After her experiences, she longs just to be ordinary, only to realize, like all of us at one time or another, that that's the one thing "no one would ever accuse” her of being.
— Andrea Walker