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Remember Mia
352 pages; Berkley
Unlucky Estelle Paradise wakes up one day in a hospital bed, only to learn that she's suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, her baby daughter is missing and she is the main suspect. It's every mother's worst nightmare on steroids: Even her husband thinks she's guilty. Worse, she can't remember what she did or didn't do. She recalls only her postpartum depression and anxiety: "There was this animal inside of me, created while she was in my womb, born on the same day Mia was born. At first, it had quivered ever so slightly, then it stirred, agitated at times, but I was able to pacify it by keeping watch. Then it started to thrash and I felt powerless.” Committed to a psychiatric facility, Estelle slowly recovers fragments of the fateful days surrounding Mia’s disappearance, until finally, the truth resurfaces...that is, if anyone will believe Estelle. Skip your morning coffee as you read this one. Your heart will pound a little faster with every page.
— Dawn Raffel