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Find Her
416 pages; Dutton
How's this for an opening chapter: Flora, a kidnapped college student, is desperately trying to claw her way out of a coffin—screaming, crying, biting her own skin. Finally, somebody opens the box. "When you first see his face, the man who has done this to you, you're relieved," she says in a dissociated, second-person voice. But what happens next is worse. And after her rescue from captivity 472 days later, Flora is no longer the same person. "Flora 2.0," as she now calls herself, is a cunning vigilante, obsessed with luring and entrapping men who prey on women. This game turns deadly when she's snatched by a bartender—and murders him. Enter the novel's second indelible woman: Detective D.D. Warren. Flora insists that her bartender "victim" was probably connected to the well-publicized missing persons case. When Flora herself vanishes the next day, D.D. is convinced that someone even more sinister is at work. Rounding out the excellent cast of characters are Flora's endlessly loving, muffin-baking mother and Dr. Samuel Keynes, the FBI victim specialist who is Flora's closest confidant. You'll read Find Her for its adrenaline-charged plot. You'll remember it for its insights into trauma and forgiveness.
— Dawn Raffel