'Wellness' by Nathan Hill

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624 pages; Knopf

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Written by the author of the 2016 best-selling novel The Nix, Oprah's 102nd book club pick, Wellness, tells the story of Jack and Elizabeth, two college students who fall in love at first sight. Over the years, the pair sees themselves and their world change in ways neither of them could have imagined. Leaping from the '90s Chicago grunge scene to the Flint Hills of Kansas to the detox-dieting suburbs, this is a love story like none other—one that continues long after "happily ever after," and captures the full, complicated, occasionally hilarious and always surprising path of a single relationship. Jack and Elizabeth must confront the ghosts of their past, the impossible projections of their future, and the ways technology can warp our view of ourselves and each other. "You're about to be taken for an incredible ride," said Oprah.