Drawing is Thinking by Milton Glaser

Drawing is Thinking
223 pages; Overlook
Your hand turns the pages. Your eye moves left, then right, then back again, making intuitive connections. What famed graphic designer Milton Glaser is doing in his gorgeous visual meditation Drawing Is Thinking is "moving the mind" by arranging a sequence of images—some created for magazines, posters, etc.—that are intimately, ambiguously related, like notes in a musical composition. A woman's profile appears to blossom on an adjacent page into a portrait of mother nature. A torso echoes the shape of a pear, a blue line mutates into a wash of color, and the mind snaps to attention without even knowing why. "We are so much smarter than we know we are," Glaser tells an interviewer. "We understand so much more than what is obvious."
— Cathleen Medwick