Dear Daughter

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Dear Daughter
384 pages; Viking Adult

Because a compelling novel makes your arrival time arrive faster.

Open this page-turner and not even the flight attendant hawking an $8 box of cheese and crackers will be able to disturb you. In Elizabeth Little's first novel, a glamorous, hard-partying young socialite (the kind familiar to anyone who has had even a passing acquaintance with TMZ or Perez Hilton) named Janie Jones is convicted of brutally killing her mother, then released on a technicality. Unable to return to her normal debauchery, due to the fact that anyone who watches TV or looks at the internet thinks she's guilty, Jones sets out to discover who did it, disguising herself as a frump to throw off the paparazzo and delving into her mother's past. This novel's engrossing suspense comes from its unreliable (and not especially likable) narrator who pursues answers with relentless fervor, regardless of the painful truths she turns up about herself. Also an excellent book for those fearful of flying; the plot twists and turns will take your mind off any amount of turbulence.
— Stephanie Klose