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The Graduate
272 pages; Washington Square Press
Why We Love It: Before The Graduate was a generation-defining movie (starring Dustin Hoffman, as 21-year-old Ben, and Anne Bancroft, as his middle-aged seducer, Mrs. Robinson) it was a novel by Charles Webb. At the time, we adored the whole package—the wry eye on the hypocritical adult world, the naughty hotel sex and the giddily happy ending, with Ben running off with his true love: Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Elaine.

The Sequel: Do we really care what happens next to Ben and Elaine? Not so much. But Mrs. Robinson—that's another story. She was one hell of a cougar before the term even existed. She already got her own Simon & Garfunkel song. Now can she get her own book?
— Dawn Raffel