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In the Woods
464 pages; Penguin Books
The Premise: In Dublin, in 1984, three children disappear in the woods. Only one of them is found, and the blood-spattered boy can't remember what happened. But 20 years later, that boy—who now calls himself by his middle name, Rob—is a detective. When a murder takes place in those same woods, he and his partner, Cassie, are assigned to solve it...and Rob tries to get to the bottom of both mysteries.  

Why the Ending Is a Stunner: The murderer in the present-day case is surprising, but there's more. French leaves us as haunted as Rob, who discovers that some truths, some memories and some kinds of grief are too deep to reach. You'll also yearn for a romantic redo between Rob and Cassie (sorry, we're not telling...).  
— Dawn Raffel