Albert Watson by James Crump

Albert Watson
119 pages; Phaidon
You may know Albert Watson's images better than his name, but a new collection brings Watson's commercial, art, and fashion pictures together to give them the credit line they deserve. Celebrity portraits (a wistful nude of Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson blowing cigar smoke rings, Alfred Hitchcock holding a goose, Naomi Campbell in half silhouette, the back of Mike Tyson's head and neck) appear side by side with photos of models in swimsuits or dramatic hats or picturesque others (a young Chinese ballerina, a Las Vegas stripper), as well as objects (astronaut Alan Shepard's space suit) that Watson encountered in the course of his career. Theatrical and often slightly surreal, the photos in Albert Watson (Phaidon) demonstrate the signature style that has made him one of the most successful and sought-after artists in his field.
— Francine Prose