Social Lab Work: "Bringing Families Together"

Use these questions to help you work through questions about family and forgiveness from this Oprah's Lifeclass with Bishop T.D. Jakes.


Barring physical or emotional abuse, try to find a way to love the people who've hurt you. Start this exercise by listing a family member you are angry with or who has disappointed or betrayed you.


Describe the issue you have with this person without attacking the individual.


People hold different moral and ethical standards and may not realize that you value something entirely different. What do you value? List that here.


What do you think this person values?


Just because you may not have an ideal relationship with this person does not mean you can't have any relationship with him or her. How can you meet this person at his or her level?


Forgiveness does not justify what the perpetrator did or excuse his or her behavior. It is the gift you give yourself. However, the other person is allowed to ask, "What would it cost for you to forgive me?" What would your answer be?