Lesson 8: When You Know Better...

This guided workbook will be your companion to lesson eight from Oprah's Lifeclass.


Maya Angelou says that when you know better, you do better. Have you had a key “know better, do better” moment? Describe one area where you learned to do better because now you know better.


What memories of your own failure or bad behavior do you rerun in your mind?  This holds you hostage to the past.  What have you learned that will help you do better?  Focus on that instead.


Where are you condemning yourself for not doing better when you truly didn’t know better?  What can you do now that would help you forgive yourself?


Think of a mistake or bad habit you keep creating over and over.  Are you waiting for someone or something outside yourself to change this pattern?  ‘Fess up!


If you could have a second chance at your life what would do? How would you live differently? What changes can you make so your second chance at life can start right now?


Today, ask a close friend, your spouse, your child, your therapist, “Where could I do better if I knew better?” Then come back and report what you learn.


What positive change are you avoiding because it feels confusing?


Think of an area in your life where you wish you could do better.  Think of someone who’s overcome that problem.  If you could get an encouraging text from that person today, what would they say?  Write it down.


Where have you told yourself it’s too late to change? Think of three reasons it may not be too late—that it is possible, as Oprah says, for anybody at any time to wake up and do better.