4 Questions to Answer Before Oprah's Lifeclass with Dr. Phil

If you have a question about 'Life Code' by Dr. Phil McGraw or how to handle toxic relationships, please tweet it (#lifeclass). Dr. Phil or Oprah may answer your question on the show.


Think of people who give you a "funny feeling," a nagging sense that something isn't right. They could be people you encounter at work or through social and family events. List their names, where you interact with them and your gut feeling about them.


How often do you ignore a "funny feeling" or a nagging sense that something isn't right with someone in your life? Why do you ignore your gut instinct? To be polite? Self-doubt? List the reason(s).


What part of protecting yourself from toxic people is hardest for you? Is it setting boundaries? Is it negotiating? What question would you ask Dr. Phil or Oprah to help you get better at this? (To tweet it, use #lifeclass.)


Lies with a kernel of truth are the most powerful. Has a friend deceived you with a half-truth or neglected pertinent details simply to upset or undermine you? List some examples.