Young Leader's Academy
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Kirt Bennett
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Paul Newman, Newman's Own

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Young Leaders' Academy
Kirt Bennett
419 North 19th Street, Suite B
Baton Rouge, LA 70802-3737
PH: 225-346-1583

Kirt Bennett is helping today's at-risk boys become young leaders for tomorrow.

How it Began — Investment in Youth
Twenty-six-year-old Kirt Bennett turned his back on big money and found success of a far greater kind. Today, Kirt teaches young men how to be leaders in their community, to value themselves and make their own dreams come true through the Young Leaders' Academy program.

The Solution — Classroom Meets Community
On Saturdays, these young leaders who are 8to 13 years old, attend classes in coats and ties. They even attend summer classes, which include field trips, team building and problem solving. The boys also participate in community service projects, working with local organizations to promote civic responsibility and moral leadership.

Successful Returns— Students Become Mentors
The Young Leaders' Academy impacts 150 boys' lives each year and was named a Daily Point of Light in 1998 from the Points of Light Foundation. Kirt says what he teaches the boys provides them with an increased sense of ownership and leadership. When the boys graduate from the Academy, most of the students decide to become mentors and teachers themselves at the Academy.

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