Abigail and David Taunton received a Use Your Life Award a year ago for turning their home into a paradise for more than 200 unwanted children. Since then they have been able to improve their home and take in even more children.

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Building a Bigger Family
David and Abigail spent $18,000 dollars expanding their magnificent kitchen and $22,000 renovating an older home that they turned into the boys' home. This allowed them to increase the size of their family by 15 more children!

"Since the show, people from all over the United States have inquired how they can start a home similar to ours. It makes me feel very proud. I think I'm the happiest man in the world, because I'm able to give to these children." —David, father

All Kids Need Is Love
"We realize that all you need to give a kid is love. The more you give away the more you have left to give. We've seen the magic. We know it works."—David

"There's a lot of love here. It's just like a real family, and you always have someone to talk to here, to share your hearts with," says Thomasina, who the Tauntons have been able to take in since the award.

Eighteen-year-old Chester can attest to a better life. Four years ago, he left an abusive home and moved in with the Tauntons. He was failing in school then, but this year he graduated from high school with honors. In the fall Chester will study music at Stetson University.

"We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Angel Network and the Use Your Life Award for making all of this possible!" —David and family

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Surprise from Stetson University
Chester is a music major with a partial scholarship at Stetson University. Stetson University is going to help Chester graduate debt-free by donating $25,000 to his education!

Surprise from Oprah's Angel Network
Education is very important to the Taunton family, so the Angel Network is donating another $50,000 toward college scholarships for their other children.  


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