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When Patsy and Rob Keech realized that other families were struggling between making mortgage payments and spending precious time with their critically ill children, they created an organization to help lessen financial burden.

How it Began — Precious Moments with a Sick Child
Patsy and Rob Keech didn't want to spend their time worrying about mortgages and bills — they wanted to spend every moment with Derian, their ailing 2-year-old son. In his short life, little Derian endured 11 operations, including three open-heart surgeries. With each hospitalization, Patsy — whose teacher's salary was used to pay the mortgage — had to choose between working or staying at her son's side.

The Solution — Mortgage Payment Relief
Knowing that this was a horrible choice to have to make, Patsy's family, friends, and students banded together and raised enough money to pay the Keech's bills. But as she saw other parents struggling with the same issues that she and Rob faced, she realized that not everyone was as fortunate as her family was. Inspired by the community's generosity and Derian's spirit, Rob and Patsy founded Spare Key, an organization that raises money to pay mortgages for families with critically ill children. At the time this award was given, Spare Key had made 53 mortgage grants, each totaling roughly $850.

A Stranger's Gift of Music
On the day of Derian's funeral, Steven "C" Anderson happened to wander into the church where the service was being held. Struck by Derian's tiny coffin, Steven composed the song Opus Derian and recorded it. Profits from the sales of this CD benefit the Spare Key Foundation. You can find where to buy this CD on the Spare Key Web site.

"Derian's mission," believes Patsy, "was to teach his parents what life is like when health is an issue so that when he went on, we could make something better."

More Mortgages Paid, More Families Served
The Spare Key Foundation has surpassed its goal of paying 40 mortgages this year—they've paid 53! Pasty and Rob have also expanded the program to serve families with infants as well as families with pre-teens who are battling cancer.

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