In two provinces, over 12 days, thousands of rural South African children from 63 schools joined Oprah and her team of friends and volunteers, for a once-in-a-lifetime day of ChristmasKindness. Empty fields became mini-stadiums of joy. Tents went up, music played, everyone danced, food was passed out, and backpacks filled with clothes, toys, books and school supplies were distributed to all. Oprah's dream? Sneakers for every student who has ever walked to school.

Oprah's words of ChristmasKindness to the children: "Education is freedom. Keep learning. Keep studying. I will never forget you. Your face is my face. ... Your heart is my heart."

Click through the slideshow and experience the ChristmasKindness Tour with Oprah, her team and Mr. Nelson Mandela himself.

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Tent parties for thousands of school children!


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