During our time in the service and in the private sector, we both struggled to pay educational loans from college because we were not covered under any military programs for educational debt repayment. Initially, we thought we were the only ones who had this problem. But after countless conversations with other frustrated veterans, we found that we were not alone.

After much thought and planning, we decided to form Leave No Veteran Behind. We hope to ensure that no veteran will ever again fight to pay for an education that has already been paid for twice—once by their own sacrifice and again by the sacrifice of their families.

We have been extremely blessed with support from friends, families and businesses. Because of this, we received over $65,000 in money and services that have allowed us to start up our organization. This help has enabled us to start enrolling veterans, and in three weeks' time, we enrolled 14 veterans and have more than 20 other veterans who are in the enrollment process. We have done all of this primarily through personal contacts and word of mouth. As we begin other forms of outreach, we know that many more veterans will need our help.

Our organization has 501c3 status, and we are looking for monetary donations. But, we also need help educating people about this important issue.

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