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Donna Carson proves that one woman's love can create miracles and help heal sick, abandoned babies.

How it Began — Hospital Boarder Babies
For 23 years, Donna Carson worked as a social worker in the intensive-care nursery at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Over time, the nursery employees noticed that drug-addiction was contributing to the kinds of babies staying in the nursery. Many of the babies were born drug addicted and with medical conditions that required a high level of care.

Healthy babies sometimes lived in the hospital for months waiting because they have no home to go home to.These children are known as "boarder babies."

After a boarder baby the staff had all grown fond of died, Donna vowed that one day she'd have a house where boarder babies could go to get all the love and medical attention they needed. Donna says, "It broke all of our hearts and made everybody angry and enraged that in a community as large as ours this child had no where to go."

Volunteers' Unconditional Love Heals
"My House," a home for children ages 0 to 4 who are medically fragile, relies on the help of many loving, compassionate volunteers because Donna doesn't have the money to pay a large staff. Several of the volunteers have fallen in love with the babies and become adoptive parents. One new parent recalled, "Holding her in my arms... I knew she was my daughter. It was like one moment I was a volunteer and that very next moment I was a mom."

The "My House" staff and volunteers provide round-the-clock care and unconditional love until the babies can be placed in a permanent home. Donna says, "These babies know nothing but love. We've seen miracles, kids overcome things that they shouldn't have because they get unconditional love all day long. I can't account for it medically. But I know that love goes a long way. And I know that that's the one thing that we constantly provide for these kids — just love. And they respond, every one of them."

Gifts to Keep My House Stocked
When the manufacturers of Huggies Diapers and Gerber Baby Food heard that Donna struggles week to week to keep "My House" stocked with diapers and baby food, they donated all the baby food and diapers "My House" will need for the next two years!

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