Donna Carson started "My House" when she realized infants born drug-addicted or premature were being abandoned to live in hospitals. Read how Donna began 'My House.'
An Overwhelming Response
Since winning the Use Your Life Award, "My House" has received more than 4,500 e-mails form all over the world. These messages came from people who wanted to adopt a baby or people who wanted to send gifts. "It has put us 10 years ahead of where we would have been," says Donna.

A Class Act
One of the e-mails Donna received was from Jill, a teacher from New York, whose motivated students decided to sponsor a child for $25 a month. The students brought in spare change to contribute every week. They also raise money from bottle and can redemption.

"It really isn't much of a sacrifice to give to the baby, because we weren't told to do this ... we're giving from our hearts," says one of the students.

The Gift of Giving
In addition to the monthly sponsorship, the class sends the baby gifts and other things she needs. The students want the child to know that there are people who love her. Jill says, "The community is much larger than where you live. You can touch people all over the place, whether they're your next door neighbor or they live in Atlanta."

Surprise! Class Sees Baby Face to Face!
The class and "My House" had only communicated by exchanging e-mails and photos until they were surprised with a gift that would bring them face to face everyday — Logitech videoconferencing connected the class in New York to the baby at "My House" thousands of miles away in Atlanta, GA! Visit Logitech at

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