Making History Tangible
The Hobart Shakespeareans now have a full Shakespearean library, new musical instruments, sound equipment and computers. Last year's graduates performed several concerts over the summer using the new instruments. These older students also tutor the current participants in their music lessons, computer work and regular assignments.

Rafe is now able to take his students on interactive field trips so they can experience what they've read about in the classroom. Over the summer, 40 students attended the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. During the school year, students traveled to sites they'd read about in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, including Wounded Knee and Chief Red Cloud's grave. Rafe is now planning an American History tour to the East Coast for which will include visits to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

To encourage program participants to attend college and expand their horizons, Rafe took a small group of students to the east coast to visit 16 colleges.

The current 5th grade Hobart Shakespeareans have already cast and begun rehearsing next year's production of The Merry Wives Of Windsor.

See how Rafe Esquith began the Hobart Shakespeareans program.


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