Since 1995, Free the Children has grown into the largest network of children helping children in the world—100,000 members in 35 countries! Since first appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1999, Free the Children has been able to build over 400 primary schools providing education to over 35,000 children around the world.

Craig has taken his crusade to fight for children's rights to Congress. He has met with Prime Ministers and queens, Mother Teresa and the Pope. Craig's mission is to bring freedom and education to children in some of the poorest places around the globe. Craig says his most important message is that "Kids can make a difference."  

Opening the Doors to Education  
Oprah's Angel Network teamed up with Craig and his organization, Free the Children, to build schools. Through the direct support of Oprah's Angel Network, Free the Children has built 36 primary schools in 11 countries, providing education to 2,500 children. See how these schools will help end the vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness.  


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