Over the years, we've seen how one person can make a big difference in the world. When Craig Kielburger was twelve years old, his idea of childhood was changed forever when he read about a little boy in Pakistan, sold into slave labor for $16, who had been murdered. Craig was so affected by the story that he started his own organization, Free The Children, to fight for the rights of children and help stop child labor. 
A Child's Crusade

Bringing Education to the World
Oprah's Angel Network teamed up with Free The Children to help build schools around the world. See how your donations have helped change the futures of nearly 2,000 children around the world.

Get Involved
Parents and Teachers: Learn how you can participate in Free The Children.  

Contact information
  • Write Free The Children and learn how you can help build schools.
  • Or visit their website, www.freethechildren.com


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