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The average age of a homeless person in the United States is nine years old. Robin Segal started a summer camp to help children escape the harsh realities of being homeless and reclaim their spirits.  

A Camp to Call Home
Now celebrating its 13th season, Camp Harmony has changed the lives of thousands of children. The motto: "Give them all the love they can take, and all the food they can eat."

For one week in August, 170 homeless children from a variety of shelters come to Camp Harmony. The main objectives of the camp are for the children to have fun, receive lots of love, food and attention, and to learn the importance of staying in school.

"Some of the things we really try to do are build up their self-esteem and let them know they can take control of their lives and be someone," says Robin.

Some of the children only come with the clothes on their backs, making it difficult for them to participate in the activities at camp (like swimming). The camp provides each child with items that they need. Many of the children leave camp with new clothing, toiletries and any extras the camp can provide.

Counselors Learn a Lesson in Life
The counselors at the camp are high school students who actually pay to be counselors—they learn to help their community and those less fortunate.

"We can give these teens something money can't buy—the opportunity to give of themselves. The impact it has on the campers is fantastic, and the impact it has on the teenagers can change their perspectives on life forever. It's changing lives at both ends of the spectrum, and we help people come together that would ordinarily walk by each other without even thinking about it," says Robin.

Special Thanks to Lands' End  
Lands' End is giving each of these children "Clothes for a Year," 35 items each! Plus, a sleeping bag backpack, and a beach towel for camp. Visit

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For more information, please contact:  
Robin Segal
Camp Harmony
270 N. Canon Drive #1087
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
PH: 310-273-4775 or 866-254-3722
FAX: 310-275-5786


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