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This renowned choir isn't just making beautiful music—it's saving boys from a dangerous life on the streets.

Reaching Out to Troubled Boys  
Director Earle Lee believes that even boys with a troubled past deserve a future. Although parents sometimes make their sons join the choir, it's often the boys who become the best recruiters. "We've created a village where we look after each other," says Earle. "It's amazing to see one boy helping another boy."

To make sure that any boy can join the Boys' Choir of Tallahassee, auditions are not required. "The word 'audition' tends to scare children with low self-esteem," explains Earle.

High Notes and Academic Heights  
The choir program gives the boys new structure and a goal: college. "Music is the tool we use to get them into boys' choir," says Earle. "Once we get them in and get them singing, we structure them academically. It does not matter how well they sing, once they finish that last note, they must be able to pass a standardized test and get into college."

The award-winning choir has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and was invited to sing for the Pope in Italy. Of all the boys' impressive accomplishments, Earle is most proud of the fact that since the first graduating class in 1998, every graduate of the program has gone on to college. "Our goal is to help these young men be whatever they want to be in life," says Earle. "The sky is the limit for the boys."  

Special Thanks to Perry Ellis
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For more information, please contact:
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Boys' Choir of Tallahassee
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