How You Can Help
Want to get involved with Food From The 'Hood? See what's on their wish list or volunteer!

Wish List
  • Kitchen utensils (measuring cups, bowls, industrial blender, sample bottles with tops, knives, beakers)
  • Salad mixing bowl and tongs
  • SAT study guide books
  • Organic produce seeds
  • Garden tools (garden gloves, shovels, spade, hose, wheel barrows, garden shed, etc.)
  • Gift basket ingredients (salad fixings, pasta, croutons, vinegar, wooden bowls)
  • Gift basket ribbons
  • New company T-shirts
  • Refrigerator
  • Caddy or mobil cart with wheels
  • Luggage carrier
  • Palm pilots for company appointments
  • Laptops for sales team presentation
  • Computer printers
  • Color copier
  • Telephone headsets
  • Conference phones
  • Digital Camera for product photography
  • New company banner
  • Photograph software
  • Billboard space

Volunteer/Mentor Opportunities
  • Chaperone (Volunteer)
  • Board Appointments (Volunteer)
  • Transportation Driver (Volunteer)
  • Garden Work Day (Volunteer)
  • Supporter (Volunteer)
  • Business Speaker (Mentor)
  • Personal Student Mentor (Mentor)
  • Professional Consulting (Mentor)
If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please call 1-888-601-FOOD.

For more information, please contact:
Monique Hunter
Food From The 'Hood
6109 S. Western Ave. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90047
PH: 323-759-7000
FAX: 323-759-7070


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