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Aleyne Larner and Monique Hunter
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Jeff Bezos,

In one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the Los Angeles riots of 1992, students found a way to revive their community in their own backyard.  

Planting New Hope  
Food From The 'Hood was created to help students convert a weed-infested, quarter-acre of dirt behind Crenshaw High School into a garden.

From the beginning, students donated most of the produce to shelters or to people who didn't have any money to buy fresh vegetables. "The garden became important because it was a way for us to give back to our community and show them that what they saw on TV during the riots wasn't really us," says one student.

Reaping the Benefits of a Good Harvest  
Once the students started selling the food at farmer's markets, they realized they could turn their profits into college scholarships. They created their own company to make and sell salad dressing made from all-natural ingredients. Suddenly, the students became successful entrepreneurs doing everything from creating recipes to designing labels!

Now a thriving student-owned business, Food From The 'Hood still donates its harvest to the needy. To date, the program has awarded nearly $200,000 in scholarships to 77 of its graduates.  

Special Thanks to General Motors  
General Motors donated a new van—a 2002 GMC Envoy XL sports utility vehicle—to help transport students and their products! Visit to learn more about the van.

See what's on Food From The 'Hood's Wish List.  

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