Camp To Belong Received by:
Lynn Price
Sponsored by:
Jeff Bezos,

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Camp To Belong
Lynn Price
9445 Sand Hill Place
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
PH: 303–791–0915
TOLL FREE: 1–888–723–5664

With first hand knowledge of what it's like to be a foster child separated from family, Lynn Price founded a camp where foster children are reunited with siblings they haven't seen for months, sometimes years.

How it Began — Foster Care Separates Siblings
When she was eight years old, Lynn Price learned that she was a foster child and that she had a sister who lived on the other side of town. As an adult, Lynn learned that she and her sister were not the only siblings to be separated by the foster-care system. According to Lynn, 75% of foster children are separated from a brother or sister. Understanding the importance of the sibling bond, Lynn founded Camp To Belong.

The Solution — Reunite Children at Camp
Camp To Belong is an annual week-long gathering in the Colorado Rockies where foster children are reunited with brothers and sisters they haven't seen for months, sometimes years. "Now they know that there is somebody who has really cared about them," says Lynn. "I don't see this as a lot of work. I see this as a lot of love."

Camp To Belong's campers agree. A participant says, "When you're at Camp To Belong, it just fills your heart up. It makes you want to cry and say, 'Wow. I have brothers and sisters that love me.'"

A Gift to Fly the Friendly Skies
In addition to the Use You Life Award, Camp To Belong is also the recipient of 100 round-trip air tickets courtesy of American Airlines.

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