Lynn Price's traumatic childhood inspired her to use her own life. She founded Camp To Belong to help reunite brothers and sisters in foster care whose families have been torn apart. The Use Your Life Award money Lynn received has helped heal the hearts of lonely children over the past year by enabling Lynn to bring more than twice as many kids to camp.

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Bringing More Siblings Together
"Last year we had a little over 90 kids at our summer camp. This year we're gonna have over 200. The money from the $50,000 award went literally towards bringing these kids to the camp. Giving them food, giving them lodging... and a whole lot of high-fives together. It's given us the ability to bring more of these brothers and sisters together."—Lynn

The counselors call it "The place where no one ever gets homesick." But to the children here, Camp To Belong is something even more precious. For most of them, the six days are the only time they can spend unlimited hours with the people closest to them: their brothers and sisters.

"When I see brothers and sisters literally reach out, hug, say I like you and even more than that, I love you—it hits my heartstrings because I know they mean it. These are the kids that are so tough to show emotion. And when they speak, it makes me so fulfilled about what we're doing here at Camp To Belong." —Lynn

New Camps
The money has also provided the chance to open new camps. There is a brand new camp outside of Baltimore, and other camps are being planned everywhere from California to Chicago, and even Canada and Ireland.

"l really feel indebted to all of the viewers who have contributed to the Oprah's Angel Network Use Your Life Award. You should be really proud you that not only have you made a significant impact on lives. You've given children something they deserve." —Lynn  

Surprise from Oprah's Angel Network
We know how difficult it is every year to find the funds to bring children from all over the United Stated together at Camp To Belong, so the Angel Network is donating $25,000 to help buy plane tickets so more brothers and sisters can be reunited.  


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