Donations made to the Angel Network are making a difference for orphans and vulnerable children through the following organizations in South Africa.

Ukukhula Projects
Provides after school life skills training and nurturing for orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. See an update from Bhukani, from the show ChristmasKindness Follow-Ups.

Human Health Development Trust
Mentoring and training for people helping respond to the crisis of living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Nazareth House
Hospice care and day care for women and children living with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases

Salvation Army - Masiye Camp - Zimbabwe
Funds help build and staff children's camps in South Africa and Zimbabwe. This remarkable camp in western Zimbabwe focuses on orphans and vulnerable children. The Masiye camp provides psychosocial support to children and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The main goal of the children's camp is to improve the coping capacity of children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and various other distressful situations through capacity building and life skills training. Through the support of Masiye camp the children are empowered with the ability and self esteem to care for their families and themselves. See an update from the Masiye training camp in Zimbabwe from the show ChristmasKindness Follow-Ups.

Salvation Army - Tshepo Ithemba Hope (Children of Hope) Camp - South Africa
Oprah's Angel Network will provide funds to replicate the Zimbabwe Masiye Camp. This camp will produce the same results of empowerment, improved resilience and coping mechanisms to the children and youth of South Africa that is needed to assist them in becoming productive self-sufficient individuals.

Cross cultural adolescent peer education

Support of home-based care program and the creation of an after school program for the Mophela Mission in South Africa

Soul Buddyz
Creation and distribution of educational materials for HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness

Sparrow Village
Hospice, orphan care, and community outreach

Helping community based organizations strengthen their ability to help people with HIV/AIDS 



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