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Thirty-year-old actress and singer Patricia Manterola was recently named one of People en Español magazine's most beautiful Latin women. She's also the star of one of Mexico's hottest prime time television shows. Patricia says women in Mexico don't exercise! "Because men here, they like curves. … Mexican women, we like to dress sexy. We love to wear tight clothes that show our bodies."

Traveling between Mexico, the U.S. and Spain, Patricia admits she has started working out like an American, but she's amazed how much Americans work. "Here in America you have to work all day long. [In Mexico,] we're still siesta-ing. And, the same as in Kuwait , we take a two-hour lunch break." And Patricia says Americans drink tequila "all wrong." "[In the U.S.,] you do shots and the whole point is to get wasted, and that's not the thing, you know? You're supposed to sip it like a cognac." Patricia knows how much Oprah loved tequila at her 50th birthday bash, so she brought Oprah a very rare tequila called Ago Varrail.

Also, did you know that in Mexico there are really high rates of infidelity—for married men and women? Patricia says, "If you're a woman getting a divorce on the grounds of adultery, your husband might not be held responsible if he says you didn't meet his conjugal rights. If a woman is held responsible for 'pushing' him to adultery, she loses the right to receive alimony forever. Infidelity is a cultural thing."
FROM: Around the World with Oprah
Published on October 06, 2004


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