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Rwanda, a beautiful central African country, was once considered hell on earth. Just 10 years ago, nearly 1 million people were slaughtered in a brutal massacre that lasted 100 days. Henriette never imagined she'd live to be 30 years old. Her family was Tutsi, the minority ethnic group targeted for elimination by the country's ruthless Hutu militia. She says she watched them murder her family—16 members in all. When it was her turn, Henriette says she was raped repeatedly until they were too exhausted to kill her. While they rested, she escaped. Today, Henriette is a tour guide in the country's largest memorial to this brutal genocide. Henriette's personal reminder of the rapes is her 10-year-old child she raises with three adopted orphans of the genocide. She has very few friends in their 30s, because most of the Tutsi women her age were killed during the massacres.

"I'm not like I was before," she says. "Seven years ago, I had no hope. No joy. But on this day, I'm very happy. I feel I'm okay. I'm like other people."

Henriette's dream has been to go to college—Oprah's Angel Network is going to send her there!
FROM: Around the World with Oprah
Published on October 06, 2004


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