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Roberto Sanchez, a resident of Ensenada, Mexico, was at an Internet cafe when he happened to come upon a familiar face online, a man he knew as "Bill." Roberto says he met Bill Barney two years ago and they grew close. Roberto saw his American friend several times a week, but Barney revealed little about his past.

"He [seemed] like a normal guy," Roberto says. "Like [any] retired guy in Ensenada."

Roberto says Barney mostly kept to himself, but some of his friend's behavior struck him as strange—especially the fact, he says, that Barney had young men over to his house in the evenings.

As soon as Roberto realized Barney's true identity, he contacted the FBI, who, in turn, contacted Mexican authorities. Within 48 hours, Barney was captured. After five years on the lam, Barney was returned to the United States to stand trial.

Jan Caldwell, a Special Agent with the FBI, thanks Oprah viewers for Barney's capture. "This is a man that very well might have gone underneath the radar for the rest of his life," she says, "and we have him off the streets. Children are safe now."


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