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Kriss says seeing Tommy cry about electronics makes her realize she's been irresponsible with how much time she's allowed her children to watch TV and play games.

"It made me sick to my stomach to watch him so out of his element, not knowing what to do with himself after the first couple days," she says. "He would go from room to room, wandering around, not knowing what to do. My son is 5, and I am riddled with guilt."

Looking back, Kriss says watching Tommy adjust to life without video games was like watching an addict go through withdrawal. "I used to watch the show Intervention. Just seeing some of the drug addicts, the heroin addicts—you'd see the same reaction. They were unreasonable," she says. "He didn't understand, 'We're cutting you off.' He hated me, and it made me feel terrible."

Though it was an uphill battle, by the end of day three, things start looking up for this family. Instead of retreating to their rooms, Lily and Tommy choose to sit on the couch and read a book together. "It's a beautiful moment at the Burbee house," Kriss says.
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Published on June 12, 2009