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The Burbee family agrees to abide by their own set of "Live with Less" rules for seven days. They are asked to eat every meal at home, give up their bottled water and soda habits, limit their use of electronics and get rid of disposable plates, cups, napkins and paper towels.

To start the week off right, Kriss packs a picnic lunch for her family to eat after church instead of going to a restaurant. "I have noticed that we are the only people in the entire park with cloth napkins, but I kind of think it's cute," she says.

At first, Tim struggles with Oprah's five-minute shower rule. "That's a race against the clock, let me tell you," he says. "I'm not so sure I'm getting clean, and I think my wife's noticing."

On the third day, Kriss adds a rule of her own to save gas. Instead of driving Lily to school, Kriss tells her to take the bus, which doesn't go over well. "I hate the bus," Lily says.

Tommy has the toughest time adjusting to life without his computer and video games. "I can't live without it!" he tells his dad. "It's my only thing. ... I'm not doing it. Stupid, dumb experiment."
FROM: What Would You Dare to Live Without?
Published on June 12, 2009


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