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Finishing the seven-day challenge was important to the whole family. Joe Jr. says he probably had the easiest time with the challenge and ended up patrolling the rest of the family for cheating. "I think it was really beneficial," he says. "I think they learned a lot of good life lessons from it."

While Lauren says she struggled with what to do without her cell phone and computer, Joe Sr. says he found plenty to occupy his kids' time. "They could take time shutting things off. They could take time putting things away. They could take time doing laundry. They could take time going outside cleaning up, helping with dinner," he says. "There are lots of things I could find."

The Dominguezes say that even though the challenge is over, they won't be returning to their old ways. "We never realized how much we wasted. We just spoiled the kids and let them buy what they wanted on the computer with no time limits," Tina says. "We're a changed family."
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Published on June 12, 2009


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