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On the first day of their challenge, Tina buys a recycling bin and recycles for the first time. For dinner, she makes just one meal for her family.

Not everyone reacts well to the changes. Jessica says she cried herself to sleep the first night. "It's only been a day, and nothing felt the same," she says. "I didn't have my laptop. I didn't have a cell phone. It was really hard."

Joe Sr. wakes up to find the thermostat is not at the challenge temperature of 70. Instead, it's turned all the way up to 82! Meanwhile, he finds more challenge no-nos—the lights have been left on in empty rooms, Tina has fallen asleep in front of the TV, and Jessica lets the water run in the bathroom while she's shaving her legs.

While Tina says giving up television was the hardest part of the challenge, the kids say they struggled the most without their computers.
FROM: What Would You Dare to Live Without?
Published on June 12, 2009


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