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Tim and Kriss also want to preserve the sense of togetherness they felt during the seven-day challenge. Before they started living by the rules, Tim says the first thing he'd do when he climbed into bed every night was turn on the TV. If his children were lying next to him, he says he'd shush them so he could hear the program. Now, things are much different.

"My kids wake up in the morning, and we talk," Kriss says. "They don't ever ask to watch TV. ... It's been good for my marriage because there is no TV on in the bedroom, and we're talking, all of us."

After the challenge ended, Kriss says she and Tim sat down and came up with a new set of rules that they plan to enforce from now on. Each family member will be limited to a seven-minute shower and one hour of television a day, unless they're watching a family movie. Telephone calls are also restricted to five minutes.

Kriss says Tommy's video games are still stored in a box, and he hasn't asked for them since the challenge ended. If he does ask for them some day, Kriss says he'll only be allowed to play for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day.

"We were checked out," she says. "We're checked in now."
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Published on June 12, 2009


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