The Week in Review
Steve and Lorraine discuss the primaries
It's the week in review, and audience members and viewers are speaking out about anything and everything!

On May 6, 2008, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama competed for votes in the North Carolina and Indiana Democratic primaries. "I'm a little groggy because I didn't go to bed until 1 o'clock in the morning. Gayle kept calling me wanting to talk [about the primaries]," Oprah says. "It's got everyone talking today, and I'm going to keep my opinions to myself. So let's talk to the audience."

Audience member Steve is a Senator Clinton supporter who is thrilled with her victory in Indiana. "I am just so excited that she has been so strong and continued to persevere in terms of this race. I think she's the stronger of the two candidates from her experience level and her ability to deal with foreign policy issues. I think she's the stronger candidate to beat the Republicans in the presidential election," he says. "However, I think it would be great if [Clinton and Obama] came together and formed a ticket and lead this country into the future."

Lorraine, another audience member, is behind Senator Obama all the way and proud of his North Carolina victory. "Finally, somebody who listens, who hears what is happening. ... He's not just saying things to get elected. I think that's what he stands for," Lorraine says. "Everybody in my family is excited. ... We're driving around with bumper stickers on our car—something we've never done before."