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Marianne, a viewer from California, says she had never been a Tom Cruise fan—until she watched the interview. "I gained a lot of respect for him," Marianne says. "I really felt he was a human being in your interview, and he showed in his face that family and friends is what he cared about most in life, and he stood up and claimed what is his truth in life."

Before the interview aired, Melody, a viewer from Oklahoma, says she was hoping Tom would "fall flat on his face." During the interview, however, Melody changed her mind. "When he talked about his family, I was moved," she says. "His explanation on the sonogram machine made complete sense. I've had two children, and I wouldn't want my medical records on the Internet or in the press, and so I think he did right by his wife by buying that machine and bringing the doctor to his place so that they could have private visits."

Before moving on from the Tom Cruise interview, Ali has one last question for Mark: "Have you ever slid across the floor in your underwear and socks and done that Risky Business dance?"

"In more places than one," Mark jokes.

Mark also has a question for Ali. "If you could have had a sonogram in your house, would you have?"

"No, Mark, I wouldn't have had a sonogram in my house," Ali jokes. "I would have had a surrogate in my house."
FROM: Viewers React: The Week in Review
Published on May 29, 2008


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