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When Mariah Carey made her April 14, 2008, Oprah Show appearance, she opened up about how she got her new body, what inspired her new album and what it felt like to break Elvis's record for number one hits. What she didn't mention, however, was her relationship with actor Nick Cannon.

Now, the couple is confirming the rumors that have been swirling. On April 30, 2008, Mariah and Nick married in a secret sunset ceremony in the Bahamas.

After her show with Mariah, Oprah went backstage to visit with Mariah in the green room. "She says to me, 'Oprah, did you say hello to Nick?' I said, 'Oh, hi, Nick,'" Oprah says. "Little did I know I should have paid more attention to the situation."

Just a week before the wedding, Gayle interviewed Mariah on her XM Radio show and says Mariah confessed off-air that she was dating Nick. Still, Gayle says she doesn't think even Mariah knew at that time she would get married. But Oprah has a scoop for Gayle! "[She had] the tattoo on her back that said 'Mrs. Cannon,'" Oprah says. "So they were already planning on doing it."

Mark says he isn't surprised. "I eloped. We went to Vegas and got married in a phone booth by Elvis Presley. So nothing surprises me," he says. "I wish them a lot of luck. And you know what the funny thing is? Afterward, we got tattoos as well. But mine doesn't say Mrs. Cannon."

Gayle says the 11-year age difference between Mariah and Nick doesn't matter. "I love the older woman-younger man thing. ... Mariah told me herself that she has never felt this way about anybody before in her whole life," Gayle says.

The only thing that concerns Gayle is that Mariah and Nick married so quickly. Ali says that doesn't matter. "George and I were engaged after two months, and every day is Christmas here at the Stephanopoulos house," she says. "By the way, you should see my tattoo. Try to get the tattoo 'Stephanopoulos' on your body."

Regardless, everyone shares the same message for Mariah and Nick. "Bottom line is, we wish them the best," Oprah says.
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Published on May 29, 2008


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