How Sandra Bullock Lives Green
Sandra Bullock talks about her childhood.
Actress Sandra Bullock isn't new to the environmental movement. Growing up, Sandra says her mother raised her and her sister on macrobiotic foods and taught them to be wary of chemicals and pesticides.

"It wasn't fun as a kid. We went to the neighbors for our Cheetos and the good stuff. ... I hated it then, [but] I love it now," she says. "She recycled everything—nothing was bought and disposed of. It's astounding to me now more than it ever was when I was a kid."

When Sandra was a little girl, she says health food stores like Whole Foods didn't exist. Instead, her family shopped in small stores that sold vitamins, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables and clothing made without dyes or chemicals.

"[My mother] engrained it in us pretty much," Sandra says.